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Football Coaching for All

The Pass + Move Way

Failing isn’t a failure. It is one of the key messages we aim to instil in our players. Try, fail and try again, it’s become a mantra you will hear repeated to our players.

Historically, a fear of failure has crippled the development of young players when in fact it’s something that should be embraced. We ask our players to 'try'. Move faster, ignore caution, take risks, make your own decisions. We expect them to stumble and fall as they strive to be better. As Matt Syed so eloquently writes in Bounce “Excellence is about stepping outside the comfort zone, training with a spirit of endeavour, and accepting the inevitability of trials and tribulations. Progress is built, in effect, upon the foundations of necessary failure.”

At Pass+Move we ask our players to take risks. We encourage them to want the ball, to effect play, no matter the situation and circumstance. It’s how you recognise a Pass+Move player.

The certainties are this: Our players will concede goals. They will make mistakes. And we as coaches will applaud them for trying; we’ll embrace it. The end result of the game, in the early stages of development especially, doesn’t matter. What matters is the overriding result of what they learn from their failures, from their attempts. Try, fail and try again. With hard work and dedication you can achieve anything in life. That is the Pass+Move way.

What We Offer


Inclusive for All. Always!

THE T's & C's of P+M

The T’s and C’s of Pass+Move are the foundation upon which your journey as a player, or a coach, will be built.

The 3 T’s, our fundamental pillars.

Time, Tempo, Transition

And the 3 C’s. The questions our players learn to ask themselves.

How Do I Create time/tempo/transition?

How do I Control time/tempo/transition?

How do I Constrict time/tempo /transition?

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we are a Journey...

We are a Family

Our Parents and Players believe in us!

Here Is What They Are Saying

Meet the Team


Here's just a few of the Pass+Move team. We love what we do but we don't take ourselves too seriously! If coaching or volunteering within a footballing setup is something you are interested in, then please contact us using the 'GET IN TOUCH' form below.

All of our coaches are UEFA and FA accredited.

Duncan Jones


Tony Harris


Tom Saunters

Head Coach

Matt Cruttwell

Head of Goalkeeping

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